DP-203: Practical tips for becoming an Azure Data Engineer Associate

4 min readFeb 20, 2022

Here on Medium you can find many well-written articles explaining every detail about one of the most comprehensive and renowned Microsoft Azure certifications: Azure Data Engineer Associate.

Chouaieb Nemri in [2022] Crack DP-203 Microsoft Certified Azure Data Engineer Associate describes why you should consider this certification, what are the topics covered by the Azure DP 203 exam (currently the only required exam to get the certification), what kind of questions you might expect and a bunch of useful training resources.

Another good read is DP-203 real exam experience in which Sushmita Pandit tells about her exam session and how she prepared.

So, what are we going to talk about?

We’ll explore a certification path inspired by my personal experience (year 2022). It can help you get the skills and knowledge you need to pass the DP-203 exam with a good score.

Watch out! I’m not talking about cheating. It’s all about focusing more on topics with a high probability of being present on your exam.

To stay up to date on the exam syllabus please visit the official exam page


Preparing for a test requires:

  • studying the theory
  • practicing what you have learned
  • assessing your knowledge with preparation tests

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